So you seem a bit curious, right?
Well then. I'm glad you're here. ✌️
Don't get me wrong, I don't mean that rudely, I'm just not a big fan of self-promotion.
I rather prefer to take care of my clients and future clients and to support them to achieve their goals with the help of my work.​​​​​​​

To provide a few basic facts:
I am a Berlin based designer working in animation, motion design, visual communication and video. 
My creative journey in the field of graphic design began over 20 years ago with various work for my band and friends. During my communication design studies I increasingly concentrated on animation and motion design, so that my main focus is now more on moving images.

Regardless of this, I am passionate about any creative work.
Always thinking out of boundaries or the so called box, I'm thrilled to concept and create unique, demand-fitting work which is perhaps unexpected at first glance. Storytelling with a twist.
That's the way to stay in peoples mind.
I'm always interested in new projects and am available for freelance work.
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