A project to learn and understand how everything works in Unreal Engine.​​​​​​​
[Not so funny] side note:
To clean up the project file and release disk space I deleted unused assets (well, so I thought).
Unfortunately it turned out that I was wrong and accidently messed up all the work from the past days.
But fortunately I was also able to restore everything.
Process | Behind the Scenes
Short breakdown clip to give you a quick glimpse into the workflow behind my latest project I've created in Unreal Engine.
It only shows the process of the environment design and a bit of the lighting adjustment.
I excluded the IK Retargeting / animation of the characters as well as the tweaking of the camera movement because otherwise the clip would be probably way too long.
Also this is my first kind of process/behind the scenes clip I've done entirely in Unreal Engine and I'm still figuring out how it all works.
I'm always interested in new projects and am available for freelance work.
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